Molly Nakahara and Paul Glowaski own and operate Dinner Bell Farm. Along with a talented crew of hard-working employees, the two manage 40 acres of fields, pastures, ponds and wildlands. Dinner Bell Farm grows a wide variety of field grown, specialty cut flowers for sale to local markets.

Molly is a floral designer, a farmer-florist. Using the palette of flowers and greenery grown on the farm, she has crafted custom wedding flower designs since 2010.

Another, equally loved, specialty of Dinner Bell Farm is pasture -raised pigs! Pigs and flowers - a little something for everyone. Hashtag bacon and blooms! Our closed-herd of heritage American Mulefoot, Mangalitsa and Hereford hogs graze across the farm, under peach trees and even in old flower fields! Pork is available year round and can be found at the Tahoe City Farmers Market, every Thursday morning 8am-1pm, June through October. Contact paul@dinnerbellfarm.com for more info.